Asiatic Carpets London

We’re thrilled to announce our recent partnership with Asiatic London, a prestigious UK designer rug brand that is now exclusively accessible through Unitex Rugs. Known as Australia’s leading distributor of designer rugs, Unitex proudly presents a stylish selection of Asiatic London Rugs. Our curated selection includes an extensive range, from oversized rugs to versatile colours and interesting textures. Asiatic London’s latest collection merges practically with cutting edge design, offering a vast range trending rugs to cater to diverse tastes. Immerse yourself in the elegant textures, distinctive patterns and custom rug choices made possible through our exciting partnership.


In the 1960s, Soli Kelaty laid the foundation for what would become a long-standing legacy in the world of carpets. Asiatic Carpet London was born from his passion for oriental carpets, as he diligently supplied these exquisite pieces to retailers in and around London, operating out of his van and garage initially. Soli’s dedication and vision soon led him to set up his official premises in Finchley in 1962.

Just two years later, he laid a solid foundation for an odyssey that would revolutionise Chinese, Indian and Persian carpets. Soli Kelaty’s vision and dedication not only elevated the quality of rugs available in the market. It sets a new benchmark for excellent service, garnering a reputation for reliability and craftsmanship that endures, still to this day.

The business while expanding, remained a family affair, with Soli passing down his knowledge and expertise to the next generation.

Soli’s daughter and son Freddy joined the family business in 1985, propelling Asiatic London into a market-leading brand. The company’s growth led to the first opening of a Beijing office in 1988, allowing Asiatic London to regulate products and increase volumes. Sharon, with a background in Art and design, introduced a modern twist by incorporating traditional rug-making techniques. Together with her brother, they led a team of talented individuals to transform their family legacy into an exquisite rug collection, showcasing a rich history and generational knowledge.


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