Brink & Campman is a company that puts love into the making of beautiful, sustainable rugs. Its passion for endless yarn possibilities and the craft of making itself is reflected in every single rug that it creates.

Each rug is going to respect the natural materials that go into creating it. In addition, the company is working very hard to ensure that their rugs are made not only beautiful but also eco-friendly. They use sustainable materials for rugs, such as wool, bamboo, and recycled plastic, hence offering less harm to the environment.

Handmade rugs form a very inherent part of any Brink & Campman rug. The company has carefully and precisely handmade each of these rugs by skilled persons using age-old traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation. This yields beautiful and long-lasting results.

Brink & Campman does everything to combine ecology and craftsmanship in their rugs—from the materials they use to intricate patterns and designs. Such rugs are therefore not only a way to add warmth, beauty, and sustainability to space but an object of art.

The passion of Brink & Campman lies in sustainability, craftsmanship, and the beauty of yarn. Their rugs are made from only the finest raw materials and designed with an eye for care. If you want to have not only a beautiful rug but also one that respects the environment and is built to last, then Brink & Campman is your company.


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