Marimekko - Exclusive Designer Rug Collection

Unitex Rugs is proud to welcome new arrival – Marimekko Rugs - to our repertoire of designer rug brands. Founded in 1951, this Finnish design house has become synonymous with it’s bold colour palette and unmistakable prints, now available in a dedicated rug range that will bring joy to any space.


Marimekko - Designer Rug Collection

Striped, checked, and floral prints in bold colours make up a rich artistic legacy. Over the years, the Marimekko designers have created some 3,500 print designs, which have graced everything from dresses and bags to ceramics, fabrics, and more. Proving their timeless appeal, the iconic prints have been reborn time and again in thousands of imaginative colour palettes. And each year, new pieces of printed artworks are introduced to an ever-evolving collection.

In the 60th anniversary year of the Unikko design, Marimekko is launching a new range of products for interiors. In collaboration with Dutch company Brink & Campman, an attractive collection of rugs has been developed for both indoor and outdoor use. Born out of a passion for craftsmanship and sustainability, Brink & Campman has been making rugs for over 125 years. Unitex Rugs is the exclusive distributor of this exciting collaborative rug collection throughout Australia and New Zealand. The Marimekko range of tufted and woven rugs translates some of Marimekko’s most famous and iconic designs. These timeless rugs are offered in the best qualities in the vibrant colour palette of Marimekko and will add a touch of joyful living to any home.


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