“There’s no denying that the chilly season is upon us. If you haven’t taken the ugg boots and heater out of storage, now is the time. It’s also the perfect time to get cosy with a new rug and we couldn’t think of a better collection to rug up with than the Darren Palmer Rug Collection!”


TRAVERTINE is available in two colours – BROWN AND SILVER


Paperbark Oatmeal

“Paperbark is made with 60% wool and 40% Polyester with the wool being unbleached and undyed, creating irregular colour variations which are then paired with bands of different textures such as chevron and diagonal weaves.”


Zen White

“The Zen rug is hand tufted and hand carved, so all the beautiful geometry is carved in by hand making it very, very special.”


Bedrock Grey

“It’s hard to believe but Bedrock is an indoor/outdoor rug. I know it looks as soft and beautiful as an indoor product but it’s made from 100% polyester or PET which equates to 8-14 plastic bottles per rug, recused from landfill.”


Earth Natural

“Earth natural is crafted with Jute and it’s really important to me that my rugs are sustainable and ethically sourced. Jute is one of the most sustainable fibres you can get because it actually enriches the earth after it’s been harvested.”


Calming textures and soft, neutral hues are hallmarks of this collection which has been hand crafted in India with sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Each of the 6 designs are available in

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