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Experience style and functionality at its best. The Mirage Collection is easy care, easy clean and low shed with a dense, plush and super soft feel underfoot. Enjoy a variety of bold colours or relaxed neutrals through this transitional offering.


The Mirage Collection offers a truly exceptional experience when it comes to both style and functionality. This collection is designed to provide you with a flooring solution that is easy to care for, easy to clean, and has minimal shedding. Whether you have a busy household with children and pets, or you simply want a low-maintenance flooring option, the Mirage Collection has you covered.

One of the standout features of this collection is its dense, plush, and soft feel underfoot. You will love the way it feels when you walk across it, and it will provide a comfortable and cozy atmosphere to any room in your home. The Mirage Collection is perfect for those who want to create a warm and inviting space that feels luxurious and elegant.

In addition to its exceptional comfort, the Mirage Collection also offers a variety of bold colors and relaxed neutrals. Whether you prefer a vibrant pop of color or a more subdued tone, this collection has something to offer. The transitional offering means that you can choose from a variety of styles and colors that will work well with any decor, making it easy to create a cohesive and beautiful look throughout your home.

Overall, the Mirage Collection is a great choice for those who want a stylish, functional, and low-maintenance flooring option. With its easy care, easy clean, and low shed qualities, combined with its dense, plush, and soft feel underfoot, this collection is sure to meet all your flooring needs while providing you with a beautiful and comfortable space to enjoy.


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