Say hello to the new kid on the block - HARVEST! A texture lovers delight, this new collection is available in a range of 5 earthy tones and features a soft and plush feel under foot. Incorporating these dreamy rugs into your space will create a sense of calm, and bring your elements together in the most subtle of ways.


Introducing Harvest, the newest addition to your block, and sure to be the character that will steal everyone's heart! With its indulgent texture, this is a collection for the savvy who love the finer things in life. Five gorgeous earthy tones, all unique in personality, adding a touch of sophistication wherever placed.

What really sets Harvest apart is its ultra-softness—you'll be thanking it every time your feet touch its plush surface! The rug features cushioning so gentle that you will feel as if you are walking on clouds; the comfort is hard to match.

Whether you want to renovate your living room or bedroom, the Harvest collection will satisfy your needs. Subtle, yet striking in design, it will easily bind all the elements of your room together to create a unified and soothing atmosphere.

Add these dreamy rugs to your space, and you will be able to create ambience, most ideal for relaxation after a long day. With Harvest, you will be indulging in the ultimate feel and fashion while turning your home into a haven of coziness that is as plush as it is inviting.


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