Evoke, aptly named for it's ability to draw out a range of emotion from the viewer with a blend of modern and traditional that also takes from the trending 'fade' style we have started to see as of late. An amazing piece of design that effectively captures the latest Australian transitional trends. Long lasting, power loomed, made in Turkey and 10mm pile with an array of shapes and sizes - being available in rectangular, runner and even round ranges- this rug is timeless in more ways than one.


Evoke is truly an epitome of modern and traditional design. It follows the latest trends in the Australian transitional style, with the unique "fade" technique—beautiful color blending and pattern mixing. The rug is power-loomed in Turkey with a 10mm pile, attributing both comfort and durability to it.

This is so because the Evoke collection comes in a host of shapes and sizes, from rectangular to runners and rounds. It's classical enough to be timeless, durable enough to withstand busy homes and high-traffic areas.

The designs vary from the classic medallions and oriental motifs to modern geometrical patterns and abstract art in the Evoke collection. The color palette is extremely variegated, moving across rich jewel tones to soft pastels, so that there is something for every taste and interior style.

Besides unsurpassable beauty and strength, the Evoke collection is quite easy to maintain. This Evoke collection rug requires only simple vacuuming and occasional spot cleaning. With its great looks and versatility, it is also relatively easy to maintain; therefore, this Evoke collection becomes a real essential requirement for any home.


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