Power loomed for precision and durability, this rug is also tip sheared by hand to give a distressed finish that recreates the look of an authentic, vintage Persian rug that has been stonewashed and over-dyed for a modern look - at a fraction of the cost! The distressed cotton fibre gives a light feel underfoot and is a natural addition. A low 6MM pile fits easily under doors and reduces any trip hazard - use a rug pad underneath for extra comfort and safety. This rug is also durable and easy care - a perfect choice for easy style in busy homes.


This rug is a perfect blend of traditional and modern styles, as it is inspired by the vintage Persian rugs that have been reimagined for a contemporary look. Power loomed with precision and durability, this rug is also hand tip-sheared to create a unique distressed finish, giving it the appearance of a vintage rug that has been stonewashed and over-dyed. This look is achieved at a fraction of the cost, making it an affordable yet stylish option for any home.

Crafted from distressed cotton fibers, this rug feels light underfoot, and the low 6MM pile height makes it easy to fit under doors without causing any tripping hazards. For added comfort and safety, a rug pad can be used underneath. The easy-care nature of this rug makes it a practical choice for busy homes, and it can easily be maintained with regular vacuuming and spot cleaning.

With its timeless design and modern twist, this rug is sure to add elegance and sophistication to any room in the house. Whether used as a focal point or as a neutral backdrop for bolder decor, this rug is a versatile choice that will complement a variety of styles and spaces.


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