Emotion features a unique blend of softly mottled grey hues with accents of vibrant blush and terracotta reds. Woven in Turkey using modern loom techniques, Emotion is crafted from a 5mm pile ultra-soft plush of ultra-soft polyester fibres. This resilient fibre is stain resistant, pet-friendly, and perfect for high-traffic zones.


Emotion is a rug collection that brings calm into any room due to its one-of-a-kind blend of muted grays with pops of vibrant blush and terracotta reds. Emotion is made in Turkey using modern loom techniques to create this ultra-soft pile of polyester fibers, measuring 5mm in height, making this rug resilient for high traffic zones.

Their ultra-soft plush pile makes the rugs an epitome of luxury in any room, be it a living area or bedroom. Additionally, the rug is pet-friendly and easy to clean because of its stain resistance. Emotion rugs combine mottled grey hues for versatility and are suitable for many living styles.

Emotion rugs employ the very latest modern loom techniques to ensure high standards in the rugs' make. This ensures that the rug is beautiful and strong. Thus, to create a warm atmosphere in your home or bring in the touch of glamour into your living space, the best option would be the Emotion rugs.


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