This easy care collection of indoor / outdoor rugs feature tropical inspired designs in vibrant colours. Designed to be used outdoors as well as indoors, these rugs are water resistant and will add an element of fun to any space.


Bring a little slice of the Tropics into your living space with our stunning indoor/outdoor rug collection. These rugs are simply perfect for adding a small, personal tropical paradise to your home, due to their playful, vibrant designs.

These rugs are designed for both indoor and outdoor purposes and are made from very high-strength, water-resistant, and cleanable material; therefore, they fit very well in high-traffic spots like a patio, deck, or porch.

These rugs are made of today's finest weaving techniques, woven with the finest polypropylene fibers, providing them with a soft feel while being incredibly strong and resilient. Spice up your outdoor living area with fun color or bring the outdoors in using our tropical-inspired indoor/outdoor rugs.

Whether you are looking for a bold floral pattern, a whimsical palm tree design, or a scene with exotic wildlife, this indoor/outdoor rug collection is sure to please any taste or style.


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