With eye-catching texture and simple, neutral colourways, this collection has a strong Scandinavian feel. An unexpected match of jute and wool elevates this simple style to create an utterly delightful, modern rug. Both fibres are made from renewable resources and bring a strong natural element to any space. Each rug is hand loomed with care in India, this rug has a generous pile of 20mm adding an element of luxury. This collection comes in area and runner sizes, the perfect fit for every home.


This handmade rug collection brings out Scandinavian style with simplicity, texture, and a neutral color palette. These rugs combine visual appeal with versatility, making them a great addition to any room in your home.

This collection is distinguished by the unlikely blend of jute and wool. Such an unlikely mix produces a uniquely soft and strong texture. Jute is a natural fiber extracted from the stem of the jute plant, and wool is another natural fiber coming from the fleece of sheep. All are renewable fibers, making them eco-friendly for your home.

Every single piece from this collection has been handloomed with care in India, which ensures quality but also uniqueness for each rug. With a pile of 20mm, this rug adds to a little luxury since it is so soft and plush underfoot.

This collection is offered in area and runner sizes so you can pick your perfect fit for any room in the house. From large rugs to anchor your living room to smaller rugs that add warmth to your hallway, this collection has got it all.

This is an excellent compilation of rugs for any homeowner who wants to bring a touch of Scandinavian style and natural elements into their space. This rug, with its special texture, neutral colorways, and eco-friendly materials, is just the classic sure to please for many years ahead.


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