Cotton fibre gives a soft, light feel underfoot and is a natural choice. Rayon is created from regenerated plant material that has the quality of pure silk and is anti-static. This material blend is comfortable and cool and a great choice for comfort in warm weather.


Cotton, a soft and light natural fiber, is a favorite for clothes, bedding, and even rugs. It feels gentle on the skin, making it perfect for anything you wear. Cotton's ability to soak up moisture is another win, especially in hot weather, as it keeps you cool and dry.

Rayon, a man-made fiber based on plants, has a luxurious quality similar to silk and resists static cling. This makes it popular for clothes that drape nicely and feel comfortable against the skin. Plus, its anti-static properties make it a good choice for things that attract static, like rugs or furniture.

When cotton and rayon join forces, they create a dream material for warm weather. It's breathable and lightweight, letting air flow through to keep you cool. This blend is a crowd-pleaser, combining the natural benefits of cotton with rayon's silky softness. You'll find it in clothes, bedding, and even towels.

The bottom line? Cotton and rayon together make a material that's comfy, cool, and gentle to the touch. It's a fantastic choice for hot weather because it helps regulate your body temperature and keeps you dry. The anti-static bonus from rayon is another perk. All in all, the cotton-rayon blend is a versatile and practical option for many uses.


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